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Grupo de sinais de criptomoedas grátis e fazer dinheiro com trade na binance. - Dicas sobre Bitcoin - Ganhe dinheiro

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Robôs E Sinais Para Criptomoedas (Reactioon Trading) - Saiba Como Aumentar Suas Criptomoedas - Dicas sobre Bitcoin - Ganhe dinheiro

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sinais da magic trade funcionam? São bons?

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Lucros Incríveis com Robô de Trade, Arbitragem Criptomoedas e Sinais - Conheça a Plataforma Bitsgap - Dicas sobre Bitcoin - Ganhe rápido

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Sala de Sinais da Magic Trade Funciona é Boa Mesmo?

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BOM DIA BITCOIN - BTC 9200 93% DE ACERTO NOS SINAIS DE TRADE - Dicas sobre Bitcoin - Ganhe dinheiro

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Futebol Trade: GrupoVIP Sinais Multiplique seu Capital Seguindo Entradas

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[TRADING] Alguém conhece um grupo de sinais bom?

Recomendam algum?
Alguém que faz trading de criptomoedas conhece um grupo/pessoas que indicam moedas para compravender?
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[Business] - Drug costs should be a 'prominent issue' in Trump trade talks: Mount Sinai Health CEO

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Trump trade talks should address drug costs, says Mount Sinai CEO

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[Business] - Drug costs should be a 'prominent issue' in Trump trade talks: Mount Sinai Health CEO | NBC

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[TRADE] Trade Thread Year 5, I guess

Because bow didn't and I don't want to use the year 4 thread. Fight me.
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Kaiserreich For Darkest Hour Progress Report 3: The Ottoman Empire

Kaiserreich For Darkest Hour Progress Report 3: The Ottoman Empire
Welcome one and all to the third Progress Report for Kaiserreich for Darkest Hour! As you may recall from the last PR, the next update for KRDH is focused on the Middle East, thanks to a partially completed Ottoman rework from 2016 being graciously handed to us by an old team member! In fact, that is today's nation! The Ottomans!


The Ottoman Empire has been troubled of late. Their entry into the Weltkrieg in 1914 proved to be a mixed bag, where victories at Gallipoli and elsewhere were tempered by military defeat in the Caucuses and The Levant. The Arab Revolt of 1916 would see revolts among some of the Arab population as British forces advanced to aid them. The greatest disasters would come in 1918, when British General Allenby would conquer Damascus after a great encirclement. This caused Panic and Anti-German sentiment to rise throughout the Empire, and only victory in the West in 1919 along with the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha kept The Sublime Porte in the war until it would end in 1921. In the peace The Ottomans would claim rulership over the former Italian colony of Libya, now a restored Tripolitania, as well as suzerainty over the recently independent Armenia.

Ottoman Diplomatic Screen: 1 January, 1936
But the end of the war would not mean the end of the Ottoman’s troubles. Knowledge of the Armenian Genocide had become so widespread that many relations soured, and the carnage combined with the uprooting of many in Eastern Anatolia left the region much poorer than it had been at the start of the war. The Greeks of Asia Minor also abandoned the Porte in the early years of the war, and over 400,000 dead men left the economy teetering. The seizure of Cyprus, The Sinai Peninsula, and Kuwait after the collapse of the British Empire would only exacerbate that. When Egypt declared independence in the chaos, The Ottomans moved into to secure the Suez Canal. Officially to maintain the trade link, unofficially to use it to help rebuild the economy.

The Ottomans were betrayed however. Germany, eager to take as much as they could, moved into the Canal itself and claimed ownership. This turned into a three week standoff between the Kriegsmarine and The Ottoman Army that became known as the Suez Crisis. What initially appeared to be a joint German-Ottoman takeover to outsiders evolved into a near total collapse of relations. After weeks of furious negotiation through their old wartime allies in Austria and Bulgaria, The Suez Canal was awarded to Germany in exchange for promised financial assistance to rebuild the Ottoman economy. But the damage was done, and Berlin and Constantinople have not gotten along since.
Isolated, and with relations with Germany cooled over the Suez Crisis, The Ottomans turned to the war hero Kemal for leadership. Playing up his place as a determined servant of the Sultan, Kemal built up a power base around his Ottoman People's Party party that would dominate politics within The Ottoman Empire through the rest of the decade. Two other parties would come into the national spotlight as the strongest opposition parties and the only ones with the hope of dethroning Kemal: The liberal "Freedom and Accord Party" and the much more conservative and pro-Turkish Turanist Party. Kemal’s age is starting to show, and many expect a snap election to be called in the event of his death, and both parties will make their bid for power. It is a matter of them building enough support… or for Kemal’s followers to keep themselves united after his death…

In gameplay terms what this means is that your main job as an Ottoman player during 1936 and 1937 is to balance building the strength of your preferred party with either building up enough support for reform or intentionally failing to. This gives you six domestic paths before WK2: two for each party depending on if they have enough support in the chamber of deputies or not. A lot of events will affect your support one way or another, so be careful balancing immediate gain with long term political success…

On a quick tangent the Ottoman Chamber of Deputies is some of the most interesting code I have seen in Darkest Hour. Based off the Long March events between Communist and Nationalist China in the base game’s 1933 scenario, this content will make the Ottoman’s one of the most unique tags in all of Darkest Hour.
Of course that is not the only thing you will have to worry about. Foreign concerns abound playing as the Ottomans. The Balkan Pact will look to destabilize your Bulgarian frenemy, Russia might become revanchist and look to take Armenia off of you, and of course the Third Arab Congress will likely inflame your own minorities and see your envious neighbors plan to destroy you. How you respond to these will affect both your ability to bring your preferred party to power and your performance in a future conflict with The Cairo Pact.
I hope you have enjoyed this preview of what is coming in 1001 Arabian Fights! Next time we will head west a little bit, to Egypt, The Gift of The Nile. We might also reveal the release date. That would be fun.

While you wait: Have completely unrelated teasers!
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The Myth of Israelite Slaves in Ancient Egypt

Hello, atheists!
Just wanted to share a response I had to someone wrongly attempting to connect the African slave-trade to the Exodus story - thought this could be useful for anyone learning about the origins of the Bible:
“Hey, just wanted to let you know that archeologists have long-ago debunked this myth. Egypt never owned any “Jewish” (should be written as “Israelites” to accurately reflect historical context) slaves. In fact, the Merneptah Stele showcases the very first mention of a “people from Israel” in Egypt, more than 1,000 years after they were supposedly “enslaved.” Even on this Stele, however, there was no mention of any slaves being taken - simply that Israel was “laid to waste.”
Furthermore, the Exodus itself never occurred. There is not a single shred of archeological evidence that over 1 million Israelites (or ANY number of Israelites) left Egypt, traveled to Mt. Sinai, and finally arrived at “the promised land.” In fact, quite the opposite is true - they were already there! Jewish people are largely descendants of the Canaanites (these are the people the Israelites later commit genocide against in the Torah - which likely never occurred), and they resided in Canaan (modern-day areas of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine).
The origin story of the Nation of Israel was written by a priestly class of Israelites when they were ACTUALLY taken as prisoners of war by Babylon in the 6th century BCE (known as the “Babylonian Exile”). These writers were very intelligent in their times, and used their exile as an opportunity to create a rallying nation-building document that would give strength to the people when they returned.
Now you know! For even more context, the story of the “Great Flood” and the later tale of Moses being sent out in a basket on the Nile is actually a plagiarized (nearly VERSE-by-VERSE) retelling of the Myth of Gilgamesh & the Myth of Sargon, which predates the writing of Genesis by nearly 2,500 years. WHOOPS.
Also a friendly reminder than nearly every form of the Abrahamic religions perpetuates the concept of women as chattel! Y I K E S.
Sources & further reading: John Barton’s “A History of The Bible” (pp. 1-72).
& Here are additional Wikipedia articles with sources (to avoid paywalls) on the various topics I discussed here - I encourage you to do further reading of your own from various sources to make your own judgements:
Moses‘ plagiarized origin story: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sargon_of_Akkad
Great Flood plagiarized: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilgamesh_flood_myth
Babylonian Exile: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torah
Israelites as descendants of Canaanites: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israelites
Merneptah Stele: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merneptah_Stele
EDIT: Removed the last bit bc facts are always better than misinformed religious opinions that go on to do harm.
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A Number of Critiques and Suggestions Regarding "The New Order" Mod

This is my first post on Reddit, so you'll have to forgive me if some of the image links refuse to work; with no preview function I'm going to have to test them after I submit the Post, at which point I'll work to fix them if I can.
So, over the last month or so I have been playing TNO and have become entranced by the Mod as a whole, much which I subscribe to the excellently developed and written Lore by the many contributors over the last couple years. There are however areas of the Mod where I think mechanical changes should be made to improve the experience as a whole, whilst also being mindful of not changing the existing Lore more than a smidge at worst. I had been posting my various notes and suggestions below on another forum but was eventually pointed here as being a site more suitable for my observations. While I don't expect the Devs to adopt many of these suggestions, I hope at the very least to spark discussion and put the ideas out there to be mulled over.
I will also note that, not being fully versed in the Lore or Plans regarding the future development of this Mod, some of what I suggest may already be slated for adoption and therefore superfluous; I apologize ahead of time if that is the case.
Note On Edits: Edits from now on and into the future I am going to mark with a code to symbolize when they have been put in. Part of this is to acknowledge any mistakes that I may have made in the past, but it also lets me better catalogue when I've posted certain comments. Anything without a code attached should be assumed to be from the original posting. Code(s) in use are indexed below:
Now, the first item on the bloc is Atlantropa, which did a lot to fuel much of the rest of this post.
Now in regards to the Iberian Union, there are a couple of things.
Now in regards to the Italian Empire specifically:
In regards to Cornwall:
In regards to The South African War:
(P3) In regards to The Japanese Empire:
(P4) In regards to The United States:
(P6) In regards to the German Reich
(P4) In regards to Industry and Production
(P2) In regards to Resources and Trade:
Now onto more General Matters:
Thanks to any of you who take the time to read through this ramblin' list of suggestions, and hopefully I will have prompted a number of you to debate their merits. I aim to continually update this as I play through the various paths presently available in TNO, and hopefully in time might mark some of this stuff off in the coming updates. Until next, when Metatron sounds his horn.
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Here we go again!

Following the destruction of the Dam of Ma'rib, the Mahrification of the Bakka valley, and the long Campaigns against the Nomadic Kunood to retake former Mahran lands, it was during the period of 700-675BCE that we see the results of the Mahrans expanding once again, after their slumber of a few centuries. With many seeking to find new lands to flourish in, some Mahrans even looked towards traveling to other regional capitals and towns with Mahran minorities, such as the cities of Unanda, Jabalayni, and Harla. It is noted that though the Mahrans and Egyptians have good relations, the small community of Mahrans in Egypt consisted mostly of Diplomats, Merchants, and Mercenaries, with very few actual Mahrans living there permanently. however, things were changing now as some entire Mahran tribes having been living in the Northern regions of the Aqabis unable to travel South by foot have shown up at their doorstep looking for a new place to call home, specifically in the Mount Sinai & Levant Regions.
Expansion Map
The Bakka valley was a settlement founded by Mahrans, however, held a Aqabi majority. Since the Ma'rib dam collapsed, this forced thousands of people to rush to the holy shrine and take residence within its vicinity. This resulted in the inevitable takeover of the holiest site on the peninsula and had the Sultan-Messenger declare that it is now a duty of all able-bodied Munguists to perform a pilgrimage to Bakka at least once in their life.
Other settlements in the interior regions of the Plateau were especially renowned for their agriculture and animal husbandry and so many of the Ma'ribis flocked there taking in no regard for the indigenous Aqabis. Some orders of Mahran bandits and mercenaries were even paid/assigned with chasing out and forcing banishment on entire Aqabi villages, and seizing property, and even enslaving some of the Aqabis. The Settlements on the coast had a surge of fishermen looking for new waters to game in, and merchants who are looking for new markets. With the benefits of being geographically closer to Egypt, the small coastal cities and towns made for good docks and trading hubs.
The Wadi Masila and Gulf of Mukalla area have been a battleground for centuries now, and although the Mahran soldiers have performed well in battle, they were never able to permanently settle their populations peacefully due to the constant raids and skirmishes. At 682 BCE, a delegation of Chiefly Kunood Nomads has arrived at the court of the Sultan to formulate a peace treaty. Whilst they gathered in the great royal hall, their rowdiness seemed to have rubbed off on the Mahran's present. This is when Mungu revealed the protocols of interacting with the Messenger verses.
The Kunood Nomads, knowing that what was revealed was true, the words of Mungu resonated in their hearts, taking them out of the darknesses and into the light! For this reason, some of the Kunood tribes that have chosen to submit to Mungu have decided to enter the fold of Mahra and live together in peace, even going so far as to defend some of the Mahran settlements in the South from any future conflicts now siding with their former enemies rather than their kin. The Kunood should from now on stop attacking Mahrans & Jabalaynis, and they shall be rewarded for attacking Aqabis and Ahlbar alike. Most Kunood view this as an opportunity to work together with the Mahrans to regain their lands to the North which consists of the Najd Plateu. Although the religion has not penetrated their hearts, they do seem to be willing to put their lives down to gain revenge against the Ahlbar in particular.
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[Top Stories] - 'Outrageous' drug prices are a fair trade issue: Mt. Sinai CEO

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[Top Stories] - 'Outrageous' drug prices are a fair trade issue: Mt. Sinai CEO | NBC

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Mahran and Egyptian Union

Unity. Family. Ramesses I had made a master stroke in diplomacy. The Egyptian Pharaoh had married his daughter off to the powerful Sultan of the Mahrans, and in essence, joined the two nations as a singular family unit. The divinity and genius of this, along with the considerable loan given out to the Harla, allowed Egypt to have a strong presence in the region, and an interest in the local politics.
As Mahrans migrated to the Sinai and to Egypt, Egyptians also visited Arabia to trade their wares and some to build a life. The influx of wealthy Egyptian aristocrats was a change to the established Mahran aristocracy, but their money was appreciated. It was here where the Guild of Scribes truly entrenched themselves in Arabia.
Ramesses II, while campaigning in the Levant, met with some of his diplomats, the financial minister explained to Pharaoh that the cost of the war would be paid for by the looting, but to organize newly conquered territories, Egyptian tax revenue and loot was not enough. Worried that Egypt would bankrupt itself, he knew the Mahran alliance would be as important as ever.
It was at this meeting where he dictated the following message,
Kin, Sultan of Mahra
It is Ramesses II, your brother, Pharaoh of Egypt, Lord of Nubia, the Levant, and the East Maghreb. I write to you for a favor. As our nations are now one, it is well past time to unite all our aspects, for it is in my interest your nation succeeds, and in your interest that Egypt prospers. My father financed and lent the Harla an enormous amount of gold, slaves, and labor to expand their trading operations. In my own campaigns and conquests, I grow weary. I know that enforcement of the loan may be necessary. I request a fortress and base of Egyptian military operations on the Gulf of Aden, so that the military might of our nations combined may be mobilized together, rather than on a delay.
With familial love,
Pharaoh Ramesses II
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