When bandwidth and storage size matters: Bits vs. bytes ...

DigiByte: More Secure, Faster & Forward Thinking

DigiByte is more than a faster digital currency. It is an innovative blockchain that can be used for digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized applications and secure authentication.

Sent Bytes vs. Sent Delta

We are looking at the amount of data sent over the Internet. By adding the sent bytes, the number is different than adding the sent delta. To determine how much data was transferred (sent), which field would hold the accurate information?
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3 byte params (3 bytes) vs one vector3(12 bytes)?

> Since a vector3 contains 3 floats it's of course 3*4 == 12 bytes.
so basically vector3 is bigger but is there any overhead from sending 3 variables (of type byte) instead of one(vector3)?
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5: Round 1 Match 11 Byte Vs Marlin

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5: Round 1 Match 11 Byte Vs Marlin

The results are in for Match 9. The winner is…
Rob Zombie, with a score of 73 to Isley Öldman’s 71!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Underground Exodus 17-13 The votes were close throughout the match, but a two-vote lead for Rob ultimately resulted in a lead of six points in Pop.
Quality Underground Exodus 25-22 Reasoning
JoJolity Suburban Regalia 21-26 Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10
“You still alive, old timer? That I even need to ask after finding a person in a site like this tells me you’re a Stand User, and that tells me you’re a part of why this happened to my classroom. You’re getting up in ten seconds and helping me clean up here if you’re still alive.” Aaron Kirk was more than a little annoyed, partway through his flask after assessing the damages of the place where he had been enjoying teaching a bit, the hard work of so many students, only a few of whom were kind of shitheads, wrecked and ruined by what was apparently a deathmatch or something.
When Isley Öldman didn’t immediately respond, he nudged the defeated antiquist with his foot, usually not one to be so cold, even just in passing, half-concern over a guy he kind of met for half a minute, but honestly? This pissed him off, though then, he looked around a bit at the artistic carnage that the absent opponent of the elder had left behind in his escape. “This is… Actually pretty impressive, honestly. Makes me think Pollock, but less hacky, more… Pointed, chaotic in its energies. Almost feels like a sign… Maybe I should get back to Lloyd…”
Not a minute earlier, ‘Rob Zombie’ had, in the wake of his victory, again tried the remains of the door, only to find that now, indeed, it opened for him and his Stand like it was absolutely nothing. Still, though, not really trusting that, he instead saw fit to make his way through an open window in the off-chance of more traps in the hallways.
If it was a Stand ability that forced that door shut, then the person responsible was gone pretty fast, probably… Did they somehow know it’d only take five seconds together for me and Isley to start swinging? Ah, whatever. Fuck Wedding March, I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but… Man, I wanna grill more. Lemme just get back to my car, and-
‘Rob’ was distracted from his thoughts by the realization that he was being watched. Perched in a tree like some kind of weird bird-person, a teenage boy clad in orange, preppy attire, complete with an orange aviator, feather plume, and goggles was staring at him.
“You shouldn’t have messed up that room… It used to be used by somebody very important, you know… But I guess I can’t really blame you, can I..?”
“Huh..? Wh-who are you? Are you the bastard that trapped me in there?!”
The orange kid shook his head. “I don’t have that ability, no, and neither does anyone else who works at the art school. Learn a little history, geography, sociology, maybe, and then, heh, you might be able to figure out how it all ties together… There’s some pretty good teachers and even better landmarks around here. So do your research, your homework, your term paper… Heh, get it? Because we’re at a school…”
This just made ‘Rob’ even more confused. “What?”
The orange kid just tilted his body to the right slightly, and then the sun behind him was in ‘Rob’s’ eyes. He could barely make out what was happening except for the rustling of leaves as he just straight-up jumped away, leaving him there to reflect upon his confusion.
A classroom has been ruined and a man twenty matches away from his time to shine has a long day ahead of him, but things are extremely intense elsewhere. A self-styled villain and a sad lumpy canine supergenius are fighting against a sea monster, and when this post goes up, there’s still over a day left to vote in that.
Los Fortuna Slums - Duke’s Gym
The sweltering outside temperature resulted in an absolutely barren day of work for the co-managers of Duke’s, not a single soul had passed through the doors since the evening prior. The deafening silence of the modified warehouse was only interrupted with the occasional muffled clinking plate or burst of laughter from the neighbouring restaurant, who enjoyed a surge of patrons, undoubtedly coaxed into the unusual dive by promises of air conditioning and cool drinks.
The pair in charge of Duke’s, however, were not as fortunate. The heat in the gym was only marginally more bearable than outside, and with nothing to keep their minds occupied, they stewed in their own sweat, the heat sapping any and all thoughts of being productive. Byte and London sat in a pair of lawn chairs on the concrete floor around a small crate with playing cards scattered atop, more than a few resting on the floor. They had played god knows how many games of Go Fish in their heat-driven stupor, both mutually deciding that languishing in their chairs was preferable to the inane repetition. Byte had been staring at the clock on the wall for what felt like days, the quiet ticking of the second hand the only source of input for his activity-starved brain.
Where the hell is everyone, he thought, this shithole of a neighbourhood should be lining up for lessons. Do they all really trust that syndicate to keep the peace? If they’re all like that freak that showed up the other day, I’d be clawing at our door… An annoyed glance from London made it clear that his thoughts weren’t so internal, but being too drained to do anything about it, the inane stream-of-consciousness mumbling from Byte continued undeterred. “Too hot to work out, too hot to teach, too hot to… We really gotta get that air conditioner working again. How much does a repair cost? Are we doing well enough to afford it? Maybe Glitch can fix it--”
London let out a startled “Whoa!”, nearly falling out of his chair as a large circular object fell from the upper landing. Before he could react, the wind was knocked out of Byte by something large and soft, violently snapping him back into reality before rolling off him onto the ground. Momentarily confused and thrown into fight-or-flight mode, his head darted around the gym, eyes eventually settling on the teal-haired figure standing on the landing over him.
“Restaurant’s busy, you two aren’t. Go get these cleaned.”
“Fira? What the hell-” Byte finally took note of the large object that sat next to him, a large untied garbage bag with various linens spilling out: dishrags, towels, tablecloths, all decorated with a wide array of colorful stains and exuding a very pungent smell. He recoiled. “Ugh, god! The laundry room’s upstairs, why are you-?”
“Washer’s on the fritz. Someone jammed the thing up with loose change the other day.” The manager shot a glare at London, who’s eyes immediately went wide, responding with his hands held up and a shrug. She continued, “Heard from some customers that those cultist guys are hosting some kind of event at the laundromat over by the east bridge. Something about free washes if you listen to them ramble about god or whatever.”
The pair groaned. As bored as they were, listening to those weirdos prosthelytize as they waited for towels to dry was easily near the bottom of what could be called ‘entertainment’. “Isn’t this more Zebra’s thing?” Byte asked. “I mean, we gotta watch the gym and all…”
“He’s already out doing errands. And I'm pretty sure one of you can handle this crowd.” Byte and London’s eyes met, both shaking their heads as their brows furrowed in refusal. Before the argument could even start, Fira stopped them. “Just hurry up, I need those clean for tomorrow.” The manager disappeared as suddenly as she appeared, door closing behind her as silence returned to the gym.
The two glared at each other, knowing words weren’t going to get them far. There was only one thing for it, and they both knew; they held out their right fists with looks of grim determination, shaking them to count down from three. Scissors beats paper. Byte let out a loud groan of defeat as London held his winning gesture skyward, leaning back into the chair with a smug grin that said everything Byte didn’t want to hear. Mustering the energy, Elephant Bones’ own Mandible rose to his feet, swallowing only a bit of his pride as he gathered the spilled linens into the bag before moving to the exit. As he opened the door, he turned. “Best two out of three?”
“No~~pe!” London waved his hand, dismissing his business partner as he nestled in for a nap.
Byte clicked his tongue as the door closed behind him.
Still Slums - Outside of Light’s Laundry
Thud. Thud. Thud. Marlin Joacquin’s footsteps could be heard loud and clear by pretty much everyone outside of the laundromat, as the weight-bound woman made her way over to the center of the laundromat to look for an empty washing machine. In her hand was a large bag full of her team’s dirty laundry, which she had been sent to wash.
She wasn’t particularly displeased at having to do so, at least not any more than she usually was. The laundry machine over at the Hanging Gardens had broken down, and in the midst of the resulting arguments about who exactly had to do their laundry now, Marlin volunteered. Their arguing was annoying her, and she didn’t mind going out anyways.
While looking for a laundromat she could use, Marlin had heard of there being some sort of free laundry day over at the slums, run by “The Temple of Syrinx”, some sort of strange religious group that seemed to be big over there. While the slums were far, and she was naturally wary of participating in weird cult events, but Urban Exodus’s pockets had been tight enough on cash that the offer was one she couldn’t pass up on. Still, the whole situation had her a bit on the edge, the last thing she wanted was some fast talking religious nut to talk her ear off, getting some quiet was the reason she left the gardens in the first place.
The people of the slums certainly seemed like they appreciated the free laundry, as, looking from the outside, the laundromat seemed to be quite busy with both patrons and a handful of robed cultists. Marlin walked towards the door, hoping to make it in the laundromat before the empty spots would all be taken up. At her slow pace, she knew that it was a likely possibility, so she wanted to make it over as quickly as possible.
However, just as Marlin started making her through the door, so did someone else - Byte, who was currently thinking out loud to himself. “Hmm.. I hope there’ll be empty machines left for our laundry.” He looked to his side, spotting Marlin. “Heh, I guess that massive chain chick needs to do her laundry as well. Well, I’m probably faster than her, so-” Byte stopped, noticing that Marlin had overheard him, and had shot a glare towards him that seemed like it would be capable of killing just about anyone else.
“... Massive chain chick?” she said, her already irritated expression becoming even more so. Byte… wasn’t sure what to respond, and there was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds, before Marlin turned her head away. “Hmph. Whatever, net-head.” Marlin turned her head away from Byte and continued on, leaving him to soak in the insult for a few seconds before retorting with his own.
“Net-head? How about I take one of those chains and--” Before the encounter could escalate, the front door to the laundromat swung open, revealing an absolute monolith of a bald, bearded man in blue and red robes and gold-colored circular glasses holding an open book. The pair instantly took notice of the figure, as another uncomfortable silence fell over the street corner before the huge man chuckled.
“Excuse us,” His deep, accented voice sounded thunderous against the quiet backdrop, “but if you two are here for the event, I’m afraid we were forced to retire early. It appears we underestimated those interested in the word of the Temple.” Marlin growled to herself, such a long trek from the Gardens, and she hadn’t bothered to bring her own change; she’d be damned if she was going to make a second trip back. Byte, however, sighed with relief. Sure, Fira would be steamed, but at least he didn’t have to sit around for the rest of the day listening to these weirdos.
“Not to worry, as the Temple always welcomes those looking for a place to belong.” The large man dug around in his own pockets with his free hand, producing about a dollar fifty in change. “Your pilgrimage will not end in dismay this day, my friends! Please, partake to your heart’s content, and find it in your hearts to forgive me for not being able to share the ways of the Temple. I am needed elsewhere, you see.” Forcing some of the change in each of the confused duo’s hands as he passes, the odd man continues down the road accompanied by a few others in white robes behind him. “Should be enough time to get one load done before Thomas closes for the day. I pay for luck to the both of you, and may your paths bring you to our door again!”
With the freakshow now passed, Marlin grips her tithe with a slight smirk, the relief of not needing the round trip after all lightening her mood a little before remembering the net-head. Byte seemed neutral on the whole affair, mumbling to himself “I guess it’ll be quieter now, maybe I’ll get lucky and snag a...” Suddenly remembering his laundry rival, he shot a glance at where the chain-clad woman had been standing, only to see her smartly entering the establishment ahead of him. He quickly made up the difference, shoving himself beside her as to not be left waiting.
As the two entered the southwest corner door, they instantly realized what he must have meant about luck. The oddly pristine laundromat was completely packed, each chair along the walls occupied by a waiting patron, each table occupied by someone folding their clothes, and most damning of all, each washing machine already in use.
The pair groaned as they set down their respective bundles of laundry, waiting for the wash to be finished was one thing, waiting to even begin was another entirely. They both scanned the rows carefully, eager to be the first to see an open unit, or at the very least someone unloading a unit in order to stake a claim. Their heads turning in synchronized fashion, they eventually spotted one: third row in, toward the back of the building, an older lady was pulling her last pair of pants out of a washing unit.
Without even acknowledging each other, Marlin and Byte both broke into a violent sprint to be the first in line, quarters at the ready. Marlin approached from the south, bowling over more than a few bystanders, while Byte took to vaulting over the two rows of units, sending waiting loads of laundry groundward to the audible dismay of many. At the unit, the elderly lady let out a yelp as she backed away from the rampaging duo, both arriving and shoving their quarter toward the slot at the exact same moment, coins clashing with a dull ‘tink’ as they missed their target.
“Hey, you two! No fighting awowed in my estabwishment!” A stern, odd sounding voice came from across the building; a short older man with snow-colored hair was pointing directly at the pair. “Take it owtside immedaly, ow pudda lid on it!” The man’s hilarious-sounding warning fell on deaf ears as Marlin and Byte lower their quarters, eyeing each other down.
“Look net-head, I’ve been walking most of the day to get here and I’ll be damned if I’m making that walk again with dirty clothes. Go take a seat.” Marlin begins circling away from her rival, sizing him up as she stretches out her shoulders and cracks her neck.
Byte scoffed, cracking his knuckles while backing away himself. “And I’ll be damned if I catch hell for failing this stupid errand. Maybe if you hurried your ass a little, we wouldn’t be in this problem, would we?”
Marlin growled back, a fire starting to burn in her eyes as she stances up. “You don’t want this, little man. Take. A. Seat.
“Make me, chain chump!” Byte strikes an unorthodox stance, hammer at the ready. Looks like today’s going to be entertaining after all.
The patrons in the building nervously accelerate their folding, some even stopping their dryer loads early to escape before all hell breaks loose. During the panicked exodus from the store, the older man from before dashes to a wall-mounted phone on the north wall, hastily dialing a number from memory. “It’s Thomas, tell w-Kilwoy we godda pwoblem. Might even be dose supapowers he was asking about. Send someone immedaly!”
OPEN THE GAME! (credit to magistelles for the image!)
Location: A laundromat in the slums. The area here is 15 meters tall and 30 meters wide. The ceiling is 5 meters tall. Marlin is represented by their token on the left and Byte is represented by their token on the right.
The middle four rectangles are washing machines, all coin operated. The top and right side rectangles are dryers, there are two rows of dryers for each rectangle, one row stacked on top of the other. A majority of the dryers and washers are currently in use.
The orange crosses are chairs and are built into the floor. The blue circles are trash cans and the pink rectangles are vending machines. The yellow notched rectangles on the bottom are tables.The pink rectangles are vending machines, one for cans of soda, the other for bags of chips and chocolate bars. There is a wall-mounted phone with a very long cord mounted dead center on the northern wall.
The yellow “X” marked circles are light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.
Goal: RETIRE your opponent!
Team Combatant JoJolity
Graveyard Shift Byte "This is getting fun, so... One minute! I'll give you one minute to fight against Wham!" You know this neighborhood well enough to know it’s probably a bad idea to linger on a fight like this; you may have all the time in the world, but the world keeps moving forward. Make your strategy as coolly efficient as you can manage!
Urban Exodus Marlin Joaquinn “Charged with a ripple, they don’t explode! Soap cutters turned into discs with a high-speed rotation!” Well, looks like you’re in for a fight anyway, so you might as well use this opportunity for some exercise. This place even gives you an idea or two for a favorite. Use forms of spinning and rotation in your strategy as often and creatively as you can!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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Hi again! Still on the fence about which dinghy I want to purchase. i am an intermediate sailer trying to get back out on the water and I've been considering something like a laser 2 and would even go up to a 420.
The idea is that I would be sailing mostly alone but would want to be able to go out on the water with my brother if i want. Is the BYTE a good choice? I am not overly experienced. And i understand that to go fast, i would have to be alone. just wondering if its even doable to be 2 on that boat. The guy is asking 1800 for it and its in great condition and seems new with Cll rigging... thoughts on that?
Byte vs Laser1 vs Laser2?? looking for opinions thanks!!
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Son of Byte vs Gigawhyachi

As you know, gigabyte was supposed to be in the win and your in episode but was kicked out due to witch doctor breaking there shell. They were gonna fight SOW. Who would have won?
View Poll
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Passing []byte vs io.Writer to a function

What are pros/cons passing io.Writer instead of []byte?
Is it for better memory usage?
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How often is a megabyte 10^6 bytes vs 2^20 bytes [a mebibyte]?

In school in the 90s I learned a megabyte was by definition 2^20. But then in 1998, the mebibyte [MiB] took the definition spot for 2^20, and megabyte [MB] became definitively 10^6. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mebibyte] But no one uses MiB, so I feel like it made the definition of a MB more ambiguous. So how often should MB actually be MiB? eg. should my 6megabyte picture I just took actually be MiB?
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Byte vs. TikTok: Which video app will live up to Vine's legacy?

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CNET: Byte vs. TikTok: Which video app will live up to Vine's legacy? - CNET

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Byte Vs Invisalign

My girlfriend is about to pull the trigger on byte and was wondering if anyone has used them personally or knows someone who did and how it worked out for them? Her teeth aren't bad shes already had braces, just wants some minor correcting!

Thanks in advance!
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What is the difference between outputting raw bytes VS characters?

I am reading on PrinterWriter in java and it makes a distinction between bytes and characters. I don't understand - isn't everything an abstraction of bytes, including characters? What does it mean raw bytes? What makes them raw?
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Does anyone have any good “official” google stance around time to first byte vs full load time - our ttfb is very quick but full load hovers around 4s

A quick backstory - we run an agency and a few competitors are trying to poach clients by saying the website needs to be 3 seconds or faster for full load time. This is hard to achieve because of 3rd party stuff on the site: live chat and other tracking tools.
Our servers are very fast and our time to first byte is very quick. I’d like to be able to share with our clients evidence from Google or other studies have shown initial load time is the more important metric.
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Hematite (2499 bytes) vs Iron (150 bytes)

Something seems off about this :3
(Iron is smelted hematite)
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Core's new fee estimation algorithm estimates a required fee almost HALF of what bitcoinfees.21.co estimates. 279 sat/byte vs 21 co's 420 sat/byte estimate. This fee problem is circular and self-inflicting. So long as people use 21 co the problem will continue to spiral out of control.

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random_bytes vs mt_rand

A colleague of mine recently argued about my usage of random_bytes to generate a random chain of characters. Simply put, I need to generate an ID for each request my server(s) takes for logging purposes.
Is random_bytes overkill for this? Am I right to use a ~20 times slower function to ensure a little bit more of "safety" in the generation of my logging ID, instead of mt_rand? On a side note: How "cryptographically secure" would be /dev/urandom?
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Eight bytes vs eight billion bytes

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What's the best way of dealing with bytes vs str in python 3?

I'm currently porting code from python2.7 to python3.5 and I keep getting the error
TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str' 
I've so far found 2 ways of dealing with this either putting a b in front of the string of encode('utf-8) every string. Is there an easier way to deal with this? How do I make it so all str objects on page are bytes and not strings?
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Integer bytes vs byte literals vs byte arrays

I find the behavior of indexing into bytes to be very unintuitive. Let x = b"abc". If you want to check if the first character is "a", you cannot simply compare an indexed value to b"a":
>>> x[0] == b"a" False 
Instead, you have to do
>>> x[:1] == b"a" True 
>>> x[0] == b"a"[0] True 
Is this a legacy issue, poor design, lack of understanding on my part or something else entirely?
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FACEIT League : byte/ vs Killing Destiny

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FACEIT League : byte/ vs Killing Destiny

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FACEIT League : byte/ vs Killing Destiny

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Bits vs Bytes as Fast As Possible - YouTube Pokemon Musical Bytes - Dragon's Den/Vs. Trainer Red - Man ... Pokemon Musical Bytes - Vs. N - Man on the Internet - YouTube Malwarebytes 4 Review  Tested vs Malware - YouTube MalwareFox vs Malwarebytes [Comparison Test Video] - YouTube

Bits/s vs Bytes/s. So, bits and bytes are both units of data, but what is the actual difference between them? One byte is equivalent to eight bits. A bit is considered to be the smallest unit of data measurement. A bit can be either 0 or 1. Computers interpret our intentions and process information by the respective representation of those ... In Python 2, both str and bytes are the same typeByte objects whereas in Python 3 Byte objects, defined in Python 3 are “sequence of bytes” and similar to “unicode” objects from Python 2.However, there are many differences in strings and Byte objects. In this Bitdefender vs. Malwarebytes comparison, we’ll compare and contrast Bitdefender and Malwarebytes to help you decide which is the better option. Norton vs Malwarebytes. There is no doubt that both of these services are quite capable of their own in handling such threats like ransomware/malware, and others, but it is essential to find out which one is better so you wouldn’t waste your time jerking the wrong tree and get the best protection immediately, as time is of the essence. Bits, bytes and broadband speeds You may be wondering how this relates to you and your broadband speed. Data sizes are usually measured in 'bytes', and broadband speeds are measured in 'bits'.

[index] [6771] [7192] [3311] [576] [1568] [1040] [1632] [3106] [4355] [2204]

Bits vs Bytes as Fast As Possible - YouTube

We tested MalwareFox and Malwarebytes against a set of 1000 malware samples which included Trojans, Ransomware, PUP and other variants of malware. In our tes... ⚡️Únete a Premium (+100 cursos) aquí: https://codigofacilito.com/suscripcion --- http://codigofacilito.com/ Is Antivirus or Anti-Malware more effective? or do you need both? Or are they the same thing? In this video we dispel the misconceptions surrounding this top... SECRET LINK: How to build profitable Apps ($248K/Month) without code in days: ︎ https://zerotoappacademy.com/ Simple App Makes $107K In Revenue [Case Study]... Malwarebytes 4 has been redesigned inside and out. In this review, it is tested vs over 1500 malware samples including ransomware, PUPs, trojans etc. in a pr...